Add SERIAL NUMBER column in invoice

it is not a single line code…

It’s all the code related for forloop indexing. If you don’t have the skills personally, you will need to hire a local programmer.


Finally i done it myself

Can You please help me with this coding. I mean how to do the coding as I am not aware with the coding!
May be few simple guidelines can help!

if you had gone through the guides section you would have known there is already a guide available for this.

Ya. I have seen this already. actually don’t know how to copy and execute the code.
I am not much familiar with the coding. if I copy the codes in the window below the themed invoice. How would I get it affected on my system!
your help would be highly appreciated.

there is a guide for that too

This is not meant to be a coding forum. If you don’t have the skills to develop your own themes, you should hire someone locally to do the programming for you. Otherwise, you are imposing on the kindness of other forum members.

Sorry Tut. That’s why I asked for a favor if he can help on that.

Thank you

replace —> width: 40px">#
–> width: 40px">Sr.No.