Add expense account to supplier

I’ve entered suppliers into my system. I don’t see a way to add the expense account their payments traditionally go to within the supplier. That way I don’t have to look up my ‘Rent’ Expense every time I make a payment to the landlord, utilities, phone co, etc… I don’t see anything like this in the Edit function for a supplier.

There is no such thing. That is because suppliers represent subsidiary ledgers of the Accounts payable account. In other words, they are automatically associated with a balance sheet account, not any expense account.

The easiest way to streamline common purchases, especially for fixed amounts like rent, is by cloning a previous transaction. Change the date and you’re done.

Will that also work for payments without a fixed amount? My electric bill changes monthly as does my phone bill (due to 800 incoming calls).

You can edit the amount after cloning before clicking Create.

Great. Thanks!