Add column to inventory search results


Is it possible to add a column to Inventory Items > Search > Qty on Hand > Location > Search Results?

Currently the Search Results display the following columns:
Date Transaction Contact Description Qty on hand Balance

I would like to add Order Number as a column to these results. Is there a way to do this?

your question is not clear.

what search result are you talking about?

again what search result? also, where did you search?

the Search function in Manager only displays results from data already available from the relevant list of transactions. you cannot add something manually to the result.

First, click inventory items. Search for an SKU. Click Qty on Hand for any given SKU. Choose location (if applicable). See the results. These are the breadcrumbs:
Inventory Items > Search > Qty on Hand > Location > Search Results (list of transactions)

Order Number is a standard field in and is available for the displayed results. However, like mentioned in the original post, is not among the columns in the search results page.

Can the order number column be displayed on this page somehow?

No. It cannot be displayed because it is not a transaction that affected the quantity on hand. Sales and purchase orders have no financial impact, so they are not in the ledger.

The order number is just a reference number and it can be entered on the transaction. The columns currently displayed on the results page are:
Date Transaction Contact Description Qty on hand Balance

What I am trying above all is to have an additional column displayed on the results page. Is there anywhere in Manager I can control what columns are displayed on this page?

Having a transaction id column (such as order number, invoice number or any other unique identifier) would be massively helpful when exporting these lists. Exporting the quantity on hand search results shows all the inventory movements for the SKU, and since each transaction has a better identifier than “description” or “contact” (same person can order multiple times in one day) a unique identifier column is a must to make this list useful. @lubos please take note :blush:

Above all, if there is a way of adding any column to these results using Manager settings without changing the code, a hint would be appreciated.

No. And, as I already told you, the data is not there for individual line items that have been posted to affect quantities. These exist on a line-item by line-item basis and do not include things like sales order references, addresses, due dates, and so forth.

Above all, no. You seem to be ignoring the answers you get because you do not like them.

For the hundreds of dollars I have been spending on Manager I was hoping from more than snide comments when asking for where to find functionality or ways of achieving something. I don’t know if you are a developer or just a commentator so having the discussion with you might be pointless. The list I am seeing is just a database query and the information returned can easily include sales order or other data stored for each transaction. Cheers for now.

With respect, @whereskarlo, you have been ignoring answers to your questions. @sharpdrivetek answered your question in post #2. I answered your question in post #4 and repeated the answer in post #6. Both of us gave the reason why.

I am a forum moderator, not the developer. But that does not make the answers you are getting incorrect.

Once again, you have failed to read the answers provided. Let me try to explain things differently. The Search function returns results from the data already presented. Since sales order numbers are not there, it cannot return them. The reasons they are not there are (1) sales orders have no financial impact, so they are not in the data being searched and (2) even if they were, the transactions affecting quantity on hand occur at the line-item level, where no reference numbers exist. Further, there is no way for a user to add columns to search results, especially not for data that does not exist.

As a result, going back to the subject of this thread, you cannot add a column for sales order numbers (or anything else) to inventory search results.

Database queries are not available via the standard reports. You can try getting this information via a custom report however you may need to wait and hope the functionality you want is added with the rumoured custom report enhancements plans.