Add Column in Sales Invoice Table

Dear Manager Team,
Is is possible?

Try this

If you are referring to the default behavior regarding Inventory Item Unit Types, the manager will automatically add the unit type to the quantity line when you have different items with varying unit types. However, when all items share the same unit type, the column name will be the name of the unit type.

Also you can use Custom Fields based on column lines. as @Shan mentioned.

Dear @Diyar Thank you very much for your response and solution.

You’re very welcome!

Dear @Diyar there is another issue. Can you guide me please?

Two options:

1- Translation file: I do not prefer this method, because Manager use some Generic Word in multiple places. you can change “Total” from the Translation file, but it’ll effect whole system.

2-Custom Theme: another idea may it has difficulty to implement it by using custom Theme (unfortunately it’s obsolete feature) you can design a theme specially for the sale invoice do any change like text and design!

What is wrong with “Total” on its own - I think most customers will understand that without the need to have “Total Price” ?

Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your customers

The Total is not only about price. If you added taxes these would show see screenshot test business below: