Suggestion for attachments in Folders


I do like that i can store all relevant documents in folders, unfortunately it is quite hard to organise them if there is more than few of them.

I attached all VAT returns into single folder, but it is a bit messy.

I was contemplating to split vat returns by years into folders, but it would move problem one level up.

What if document attachments were presented in table i.e:


Or what would be even more amazing, if we could have some custom fields for attachments so that it could be possible to organise and order them for individual needs. For example I would like to have Date and notes for each attachment



For this particular example attaching vat returns to the tax authority payment transaction makes more sense to me. The search and COA sorting functionality provided by the wider Manager program is then used to organise the documents.

I have actually made a feature request to allow attachments for reports so that I can attach the VAT pdf returns to the actual report in Manager.

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