Acknowledge receipt

Dear Sir Please Guide we issue the good receipt note to customer which they give us for repairing purpose
they are not our Supplier . They Are Our Customer

Goods Receipts only relate to inventory movements, not the receipt of items for service or repair.

than what note i shall give to my customer to prove of products which they give us for repairing and maintenance .
and also give solution of Acknowledge receipt of Cash or of Bank Cheque

Just create documentation to suit your requirements.

These are really just claim checks, very common in businesses like shoe repair, laundry, etc. But they are not accounting transactions, so there is no necessary entry in Manager. However, you might find that sales quotes are useful, depending on the type of items you are repairing or maintaining. You can even set up non-inventory items for common services (like new soles on shoes) with predetermined pricing. When the repair is complete, copy the sales quote to a sales invoice.

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