Accounts Receivable

I have an amount in accounts Receivable for a certain client I now want to write off as a bad debt.
I am trying to do this by journal entry I debit Bad Debts and when I do Accounts Receivable and then pick client their name does not come up. what am I doing wrong

He has paid 2 lots off this account the orginal amount was 300

Does the customers tab show the client name and the correct amount outstanding?

Why does your first screen shot come from a Word document?

I assume Word is being used to redact private information. Not my first choice but functional

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Snipping Tool is far easier to use. You go to its menu Edit > Copy and then just paste into the message here on the forum. And you can customise the Pen tool to thick and then cover private data.

Does how I do my screen shot make a difference to the question?

Where do I find the Snipping tool?

Thank you so much Tony for focusing on my question. and when I looked in the customer tab the client was greyed out at some time I must of deactivated him. So it was a simple matter of reactivating him.
So thank you for pointing me in the right direction

On your screenshot it’s to the right of the Chrome icon. But you could have searched it yourself too with Windows search to the right of the Start icon. (I don’t know why I’m even answering. A bit more initiative can’t harm you. :wink: ).

Sorry I had not even heard of it before to even think of looking for it. wont ask on here again for help of that nature

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It might, because it suggests you could be showing unrelated images that do not present a coherent explanation of what you are complaining about.