Accounting dimensions

I have been using for several years to serve a small association’s needs, and as this association has grown up in the last two years, we have received many funds concerning long terms projects.
I am also working in a bigger company that uses Business Central from MS. We manage funds for several projects by adding project codes to the dimension Projects (also, there are other dimensions like donors, cost centre and others).

I would like to see the same in We have a dimension Division, but there should be accounting dimensions in this sense.

Thank you

Rather than asking for Manager to become like other software, you should be considering what information you need that is not already available. There are already reports available for those things you mention.

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I don’t understand the request - perhaps you could explain using an example

Manager is not meant to rival large accounting software packages and it could not match features that are provided in solutions such as Business Central from Microsoft that cost many multiple times what Manager costs

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dimensions in accounting are very well known to split the general ledger in formation as per projects or programmes

it is more like “Divisions” in
it facilitates reporting process per activity.

it would be nice if you could inlight me with some solutions.
We have 16 projects using the same SCA, and I need financial reports for each of these projects separately.
Reports customisation is not an issue, but the question is how to design the report if I don’t have enough data per GL entry. That is why I need another dimension at the general ledger level to add more information and also be recognised unified for reporting use

So when you created several test business with a few representative transactions and tried Managers existing facilities, what was the deal breaker and for what specific task. In particular I assume you have looked into

  • Managers Projects
  • Managers Divisions

And read these guides
Create and use projects

Divisions: Create and manage divisions | Use divisions for the Balance Sheet | Use divisions for the Profit and Loss Statement | Correct missing division selections

On the other hand if you want Business Central from MS, why are you posting in this forum?

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Thank you for your response.
It is helpful.
I am still having an issue when I click on the View button in the Projects tab list; it doesn’t produce the desired report as mentioned in your link even after assigning the project name to expenses.

On the other hand, I don’t want Manager to act as BC MS. I just gave an example to illustrate my need… I have implemented several ERP systems in several firms in the last couple of years, and I love to share ideas to improve Manager because i belive on it…

This is not a report but a screen where you can edit and view the Project Title, attach documents and assign a project value

In the Project List page, click on the Profit value to get a report

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Many thanks Joe