Account items in red and minus

am new to using Manager desktop edition - when i look at summary and cash and equivalents one item under balance account is in red and showing minus sign

when i look at retained earnings some items are in red and minus - same if i look under tax payable

appreciate any help

I have only 1 cash account in the name of my business

and under equity i have items under a suspense account and not sure why - i checked one item and the account was computer equipment under expenses which i created

really appreciate any help

thank you

It sounds like you may have several related problems. It is impossible to diagnose them on the basis of the limited information you have given. Start by reading this Guide and following through on its suggestions:

There should never be anything in Suspense. Once those problems are cleared up, you may be fine. If not, ask more specific questions so someone can help.

This is OK. It only occurs with Cash accounts, the Debits amounts are normally shown in black, but when a Credit occurs then that figure is shown in red. EG when you enter a payment or the account balance is negative (credit card).

With Retained Earnings - when ever the account has a Debit balance (Loss) it will show in red.

thanks Tut…fixed all the suspense account issues and all good.

the problem i have now is the GST calculation worksheet for BAS

Before using manager i was using e-records on a windows PC - wanted to move to manager as using a MAC
and e-records dosent run on a MAC

So here is my dilemma - I have entered expenses and income in Manager - entered the same figures in e-records as a
one off for comparison - i am seeing big differences in the numbers eg G1 total sales is different by $1400 or so…any ideas how i can resolve/troubleshoot this please?


thanks - why do payments received show under cash and equivalents as DEBIT?

Because money received are debits and money paid are credits

@suet, please do not post the same question in two topics on this forum. It reduces the chance you will get the answer you need.

It seems you are a newcomer to double-entry accounting from your questions. I recommend spending some time at It is free and provides excellent tutorials on debits and credits.