Access Tokens new setting

Dear @lubos,

It looks like the API new implementation is coming to fruition as you just indicated recently and it seems like Restricted Users will also get API access as previously promised, which is great news.

I have been seeing this new setting Access Tokens for a while now and nothing was posted about it yet. I am curious about these three things:

  1. Will this completely replace username and password for Administrator access to the API? Or is this just for Restricted Users?

  2. How it works, mainly is it like a Gmail single app password or a dynamically generated token?

  3. Also, if it’s a dynamically generated token, how would this affect the overall API performance since it will double the number of API calls?


I just tried using this Access Token for Api2 in MIcrosoft Excel.

Access Token seems to contain encrypted information about Business, Name, and Password.
This will replace basic credentials.

We just need to add the RequestHeader X-API-KEY with access token.

It looks like Api2 will be released soon.



That’s great work.

Will this be based on existing user permissions?