Added new API endpoint and "Access Tokens" screen

The latest version (23.12.2) is adding Access Tokens under Settings tab.


Access Tokens are per-business tokens which can be used to access any data in Manager using new API.

New API is based on Open API spec so should be easier to use it. Open API spec is at ~/api2 endpoint and for testing/exploring purposes the JSON can be pasted into a tool such as

Besides adopting Open API standard, new API works across all editions (including free desktop edition).

You can also query data across all tabs. For example, previously you could only read/write individual objects but it wasn’t possible to get account balances and other totals. Using new API, you will be able to access any piece of information that is available from the program itself.

I still need to add reports but that won’t take too long. Also I would like to expose other concepts such as advanced search, sorting etc through API for even more efficient queries. Basically anything that is possible through UI should be possible through API.

New API will allow easier integration with 3rd-party entities. Think of banks for automated bank feeds, easier submissions to tax authorities and more.

Another benefit of new API is that eventually it should be easy to integrate with generative AI such as ChatGPT.

Currently it doesn’t work that well unless queries are absolutely basic such as this one.


It’s simplistic, but it’s a good start.


When will this API2 have support for POST/PUT/DELETE?

Also I’m struggling to figure out how to paginate the data in the original api.

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