About 2 units

No, custom fields cannot be added to display a total.

You need to understand that Manager’s inventory system can only count and track an inventory item in one unit of measure. In your example, that could be:

  • Meters
  • Kilograms
  • Meter-kilograms

It could be liters, cartons, cases, tons, or simply each. But one inventory item can only have one unit of measure. The question is, what do you count when buying, selling, or verifying inventory? Do you weigh the fabric? Or do you measure its length? The answer tells you what the unit of measure is.

Yes, definitely.

I don’t use the for billing.
I use it to inform my customer.
my customer also makes kg/mt and calculates grams.
total kg / total mt = grams.
A nice way to test the accuracy of the work done.

What do you mean by “total kg / total mt = grams”?

If using mass as a check of material supplied then it should be a separate measurement recorded in a custom field.

If you mean as a measure to support shipping see

Are you describing different fabrics in grams per square metre (similar to paper such as standard paper 80 gsm, or better quality is 120 gsm)?
If this is the case it is a quality feature of the fabric and as @Patch suggested use an in-line custom field to indicate the gsm or have separate items for fabrics with different gsm’s and include the gsm in the description for the item.

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