Ability to "View" Bank "Transfer money" transactions

I’m having 5 different bank accounts in 3 different currencies. I frequently have to do “Transfer money” transactions between these accounts, which then involves currency conversion.

For some reason, these transactions can not be “Viewed” (and thus not printed etc). It would be a great help if this was possible as an easy way to view/confirm exchange rates applied and more…

Sorry, I forgot a related comment: I would also like to see the ability to “Add Line” to a “Transfer Money” transaction, as these (if the bank accounts are in different banks) may include some “Bank Charges” which you may want to record separately on a P&L account…

The problem with recording bank charges on a money transfer is that the transaction is not a transfer. It is actually the purchase of a service from the banking institution and needs to be allocated to an expense account. Money transfers occur only between existing accounts within the Bank Accounts tab.

Being able to view Transfer Money would be great. And for the recording charges and adding lines I side with Tut. You can use a journal entry for the purpose of recording the charges with the transfer.

Adding a view button will help users to print and share the transaction details and in my case print a hard copy attach it to whatever source doc and file. It must be added.

Yes, of course you can book the bank charges as a separate (spend money) transaction, which is exactly what I do presently. I just think it would be clean and nice to keep this all in one entry in manager, as the bank charges are a consequence of the “Money Transfer” instruction. (This would be consistent with how I book external payment or receipt of cash. I add the bank charges involved as a new line item inside the “main transaction” so all is viewed together)

But, this is not very important. The main (but minor :wink: ) request was to be able to view/print a “Money Transfer” transaction just as we can presently view/print “Receive Money” and “Spend Money” transactions. I feel this is especially important for “Money Transfer” transaction between bank accounts in different currencies…

Bank Transfer is a shortcut transaction which replaces two standard transaction - (1) Bank A Spend Money & (2) Bank B Receive Money with the contra entry for each being posted to a Clearing Account. With a Bank Transfer you are only passing money internally from yourself to yourself, no other party is involved.

With Bank Charges you are passing money to an external party, therefore it would complicate the simplicity of Transfer Money if internal & external transactions were mixed into a single transaction.

Hmm… OK, maybe it would not follow conventional accounting practise (I’m not a CPA :wink: ), I just felt it would be a nice way to have clean records where it is easy to see how entries are related to each other… But if this is a definite “No, No” from an accounting point of view, then let’s close this discussion… No problem.

However, I would very much appreciate the possibility to “View” (and print) a “Transfer Money” transaction in the same way that this is already possible for “Receive Money” or “Spend Money” transactions… I do not understand why the “View” button is disabled for “Transfer Money”…

When you view a “normal” transaction the display illustrates the details of the contra entry - the posting to a BS or P&L account - it doesn’t display the Bank Account (debit/credit) entry itself. With a Bank Transfer there are no contra entries to view as you only have Bank Account entries - you can’t click view in one Bank Account and display the details of a second Bank Account

Bank Transfer - long hand
Bank A - Spend Money with contra entry to Clearing Account
Bank B - Receive Money with contra entry to Clearing Account
Therefore, clicking view in either Bank Account would display the details relating to the Clearing Account

Bank Transfer - short hand
Bank A - Spend Money
Bank B - Receive Money
As there are no contra entries there is nothing for view to display.

The latest version (16.5.12) has View button enabled on transfers. It’s quite basic. Not sure what else to add.


Many thanks…

But when testing I get everything in my “home currency” (see below). I.e. I do not get the view you show and I do not see the exchange rates as per your example:

When you edit SHB USD Account under Cash Accounts tab, does it actually have currency set to US dollars?

Yes it does…

Hmm, could you send me your accounting file to lubos@manager.io ? Or some test file where this issue could be demonstrated?