Ability to Create Similar Custom Reports

To create the same custom report periodically we have to do lots of work now.
A CLONE button will make it real simple.


I support this function

The clone function clones a single transaction. What you are trying to do is duplicate the list of parameters that make up a query for a custom report. That would be a totally different thing.

Call it as you like, but I find it very useful. And I would extend it to all the reportings not only to custom reports.

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I agree this would be useful. I have put it into the ideas category. Clicking the button while viewing a report would duplicate the parameters of the current report for editing. Then you would click Create to generate the modified report version.

To avoid confusion of features, I suggest the button be labeled Duplicate.


Added to the latest version (19.2.44)


Dear @lubos, great add. It will save us a lot of time. Can you extend it also to standard reports and not only to custom ones? Thanks.

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