Ability to apply division is needed for retained earnings journals

Ability to apply division is needed for retained earnings allocation journals.

This journal was done to clear retained earnings at end of period and the following divisional balance sheet shows the result. The overall balance is being cleared but the divisional balances are not being cleared resulting in incorrect interdivisional loans being displayed (columns 3 and 4 have interdivisional loan of $652.06).

Check the latest version (21.6.73). It is now possible to select division when using Retained earnings account.

All good now. Thanks.

it would be appreciated if you could enable this to all GL account. it is very difficult to duplicate GL account as per division.

I have customer who needs to know the asset and Liability per division which is not possible at current time. because I don’t have the option to choose the division on payment and receipt level which should result in AP and AR

can you please guide me to a better option to get these report.

I was able to get Accounts Payable as per division before the new release because we have the option to choose divisions and assets and liability by customs report which is difficult now

looking forward to receive your advice

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