A5 Paper Size Printing from email settings

Thanks a lot Friend This Helps. But i have started using diffrent theme in which i use Two copies on same A4 Sheet using normal printer.
Thanks Again

Exactly. I do that too

in this theme Quantity column does not work please help me

when change language QTY not shown

Can you share an image of the invoice? does it show qty when the language is english? i need more details to help with your issue.

TEST-BUISS — Tema — Ver.pdf (45.6 KB)

no problem in english language but when change to another languages Quantity disable

any update

I have seen where the problem is my code in the theme is based only on english so other languages will not work. I can fix it but first you have to tell me the other language you want to use with the theme aside from english.

Thank you for reply, i need in portuguesa language

A quarta, 11/11/2020, 00:18, Adeyanju Segun Samuel via Manager Forum <manager1@discoursemail.com> escreveu:

i need for portuguese

any update

@Shamsuddin_Esaf @shamsuddin_esaf1

I have been a bit busy lately.

Please use the one below supports Portuguese, Indonesia and English for now.

I don’t have enough time to make it compatible with all languages on manager but I will keep a record of this and add languages when a request like you did.

Hi,Quantity not show


I will edit my previous post and correct the error. I just noticed that there is a space somewhere in the code and that should not be there. Simply re install now and it should work

Also try creating another invoice to try it i confirmed it is working for me here even when am using português

sorry to disterbing you ,i am use window server latest version, when save in setting theme tab there show correctly but in creted invoice missing Quantity option,pls check attched screen shot

@Shamsuddin_Esaf, please post a screen shot of the Edit screen of the invoice you are trying to print.

thank you for reply

Please show the edit screen while using Portuguese.