3rd Party Payroll recording


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I love manager for recording income, expenses and Vat returns etc of my business… But I use Sage payroll…

What would be the best way to record the Payroll expenses paid through Sage on Manager. I read that it should be “lump Sum” recording but unsure…

Should I just create the employees and pay slip categories on manager and input the figures from sage manually… Seem long winded…

Unfortunately I need to stick with Sage…

Any help to account for wages paid using 3rd party programs would be appreciated…

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No, I wouldn’t go to effort of setting up employees as I presume that you handle all their payments in Sage.

Just set up your expense accounts (wages, etc) and your liabilities accounts (tax, national insurance/PRSI/social contributions, etc) and then do a Spend Money transaction with the total amounts each month

Debit wages
Credit tax due
Credit National Insurance
Credit bank

I think that’s the way I’d handle it - maybe others will have a different view

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Another way would be to set up an employee X who represents all your employees. Then you could set up payslip items to cover the wages, deductions & contributions you make.

Then do 1 payslip per month to cover all your employees using the summary totals from Sage. That might give a clearer view of the transactions than the “Spend Money” I advocated in the last reply

Also, how will you handle employee expense claims, if you have any?