[18.9.60] Improved custom reports (added visual query builder)



Try this:

It will show as:

By the way, there is still some work left to do to simplify a few aspects. Once I’m done with that, I will start publishing tutorials how to construct various custom reports.


Iam thinking now to generate three reports using this customs report.

status of Sales
in this report I need to know which Sales Orders I didn’t make Sales Invoices for every sales order. doing this will help others to trace weather invoice done or not, delivery done or not. and what is pending. Adding Customs Field in Sales Quote, Sales Order and Sales Invoice will help generate this report.

Status of PO
the same as Status of Sales adding one PO value Billed Amount and Balance PO Value for provision calculation

Production Order and other

Employee Payroll

having PO and Sales Status and also a report for production will make our task easy in calculating the Accrual and work in progress and calculating the provisions

I think there should be a built in Customs Field that will help generating these report such as Status and there should be choices (Under Negotiation, Completed, Under process, ) this will help till we have the new implementation of Sales and Purchasing Work Flow implemented.


it work fine @lubos but it lact some details about the item,
i added the line “contact contain (customer name)”
and group by item description and it looks like a personised customer report
that report use item description not item name and cant be added the item code
description is changeable when a sales invoice is created and some times is changed if needed
so item name and code are the best and most secure for this kind of report
can they be used ?


@Genti_Ge not yet but but I’m still working on custom reports to expose more fields. For example, instead of Contact field, you’d use Customer field and would be able to select customer from dropdown. Instead of description, you could group by Inventory item | Name or whatever attributes from inventory item.


@lubos thank you very much, for the software, for the work you are doing and for the help in the forum
i understand that your workload increases exponentially for every new features you add


Is it possible to have multiple level of grouping?


@Davide, what are you trying to achieve?


Love it man! I just came to know i was using the older version. Also add up a notification tab for new updates. Thanks. Highly appreciate Manager Team!


You can check it on the website


Yeah well that i did finally. But during the last week i was pretty hopeless about it that how such a sophisticated software lacking these options. Thanks


Good one


I generated a price list.
It shows the total amount.
There should be an option to exclude the total.


please add the following fields for “Payment and Receipt”. ‘Amount’ ‘Debit’ ‘Credit’


Those are exposed under general ledger transactions.


well couldn’t figure out what is the use of payment/receipt tab for custom report without the amount other than to show custom fields dedicated for the said payment/receipt.


My goal is to expose all the fields. @Tut is right that total amounts for payments / receipts can be accessed from general ledger for now but there will be simpler way too. You shouldn’t need to go query general ledger if all you want are receipts / payments only. Still working on this.


Thanks @lubos for your consideration on this all the issues above.

Really appreciate your hardwork. :clap::clap::clap::+1::+1::+1::star::star::star::star::star:


@lubos it seems that “copy to clipboard” for custom report not functioning. Please check.

Thank you.


Just drag over the portion of the report you want and copy/paste.


Ok noted boss. For the time being copy/paste functioning. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks @Tut