[18.9.60] Improved custom reports (added visual query builder)

I thing that the “join” part, in @lubos idea, is completely carried out via general ledger transaction query which join every table of the software. Is my interpretation correct?

Well, maybe, but my example is not showing something like that, I think. I cannot show any data from customers in this example

@pandhm @Davide, joins in custom reports are automatic but General Ledger Transactions fields are not yet 100% populated. Currently, Customer field is filled only for general ledger transactions posting to Accounts Receivable. Similarly, InventoryItem field is only filled for general ledger transactions posting to Inventory on hand account.

That’s why getting general ledger transactions for Inventory - sales shows empty customer and empty inventory item.

I’m working on fixing this issue. Your custom report setup is correct, it’s just that General Ledger Transactions report doesn’t populate those fields yet. This will be fixed.

thanks @lubos

I can’t believe it’s happening.

Business Name on report should be fixed.

I think that you should also give the possibility to export/inport the single custom report’s setup so that we can share them between different businesses and also between Manager’s users.


Suggestion. Can lubos made the listing multi level folder like for ease of managing and categorizing? I had this feeling I might create a lot of custom report.

Can We Have ‘Balance’ field? where it shows after applying debit or credit, it shows the general account balance field on the right side. this will help to have opening balance, in between balance and closing balance.


when you have like a lot of columns pdf generator generate output. It did not fit all columns in page resulting overflow to another page, only print to pdf works fine.

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Please consider adding Tracking Codes in reports generating

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Balances are the sum of transactions. They are already available via the Summary. Balances do not exist as variables. But if you group by account, you will get the total of transactions presented. Depending on other parameters you choose for the report, this could be the account balance.

Actually, you can drag over the displayed report, copy it, and paste into a spreadsheet. You will have much more flexibility manipulating numbers in a spreadsheet than an accounting program could ever provide.

Remove or add the columns by editing the report definition.

Thanks for the hard work!

I just started to play around with it. I haven’t been able to found the ‘Amount’ field in the ‘Receipts & Payments’ table. Can anyone replicate this? or am I missing something?

You will not find it, I think, the right field It should be “credit”, or “debit”

The Receipts & Payments table holds the headers from the Receipts & Payments forms not the line items. They are found in the General Ledger Transactions by selecting the bank and/or cash accounts

Small niggle, very small - the Description field is used to distinguish different Custom Reports in the Custom Reports Tab and it also print on the report under the Report Title.

In my case this means that the two fields often contain the same text - I need the text in the Description field to identify the report in the list of custom reports and I can’t suppress the Report Title so it contains much the same information




I think it would be very useful to have, inside a guide, a list of all the querable tables and all their fields.


Thanks very much. I’ll have a play with the functions. I’d like to be able to create a custom report which included customer name, address, and the description line from a sales invoice.

Please add the possibilty to choose between “AND” or “OR” when setting multiple lines of “WHERE”

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My feedback would be to add custom fields and tracking code so that reports can be generated project wise

Tracking codes are already there

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I don’t see the feature in custom reports. Are you sure it is available?