[18.1.11] Added "Form Defaults" section and "Custom Theme" checkbox

Yes, How can set default theme for statements.

What I mean is, you don’t need to add lines when you are not going to enter items or selects accounts and enter amounts there.

Many apps I have used will bring a big box even if you used just one line item in the invoice.
To me it doesn’t achieve anything. If you your friend will remove an accounting software not because of some function it lacks but because it doesn’t create an empty space on invoices I’m surprised. Well maybe it a legal requirement in your country or something but that totally useless to me.

one thing i noted is that though we can select a tax code for line items as default for sales invoice or sales quotes, etc., they do not appear selected by default on a new form.

also, a small suggestion would be to set defaults per customer/supplier. like due dates, late payment fees and other various custom fields (transporter, place of supply applicable for Indian users).

@sharpdrivetek the latest version (18.1.16) will copy lines from form defaults as well.

@ahmedansar check the latest version as well. You can add 20 lines to sales invoice form defaults and it will copy over when creating new invoice.

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Thanks Lubos,

How can change theme of Customer/Supplier statement.

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why Start code for themes are removed from the website, not all can start themes from scratch

even custom fields are great thing to manage different business, but managing their location on print out document is unknown to me

can we have couple of themes ( invoices, quotes, orders) code to start from their, or guide us for some developers who can do so

all themes available on the website have been moved previously to Themes under Settings within Manager program itself. make sure you update to latest version first.

thanks, but am afraid of updating frequently on my main server.

will try to have development sever for testing before updating live server

download the free desktop version on your computer and import a copy of your business to check everything first before upgrading your live server. all editions of Manager share the same features except for multi-user capability.

just do so, the existing is built in and none-editable
still need to have code as start for customized theme :frowning:

Based on what I’m reading, this is an excellent update. I’m yet to test it myself, but appreciate that we can now set a default theme. Instantly having almost all other fields available for setting defaults is also appealing.

Will return with any comments once I’ve had a chance to test it.

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You don’t need to use mouse to add new line.
Use TAB and ENTER.

@lubos If you select cleared without selecting a date in a bank transaction, what date does the application use? You have to configure the app to reject such entries. If a user select the cleared without selecting a date, it should save the entry as pending until the user adds a clearing date.

i adjust the next form but the change doesn’t happened
Form Defaults :
Cash Transaction → Receive money

You need to post screen shots of:

  1. Your default form for the receive money cash transaction.
  2. A new cash transaction entry screen, created after the default form was saved.

Are you aware that default forms only affect new transactions, not old ones?

@lubos, I have tested and confirmed that the problems with bank transactions mentioned by @sharpdrivetek in Post #16 of this topic also apply to cash transactions (except the Cleared status issue, of course). Selected default accounts and tax-inclusive status do not appear on new transactions.

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any update on this?

I want to set discounts as default without selecting every customer

Updates on what? Several things have been discussed. Your question was directed to me, but my post was only a few hours ago and had nothing to do with your question. And I’m not the developer.

you do not have to select every customer to apply discounts as default for them.
the sales invoices settings in Form Defaults works just like the way when you create a sales invoice, i.e. you have to select a customer to make the bottom portion of the form to appear.
when setting the sales invoice defaults just select any customer, set the discount you need and remove the customer before you click Update.
now the discount will appear as a default for all sales invoices irrespective of the customer selected.

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