[17.6.10] More clarity under Inventory Items tab


It is legally changed hands with a delivery challan (delivery note). The serial number of these delivery notes need to be mentioned when the business who processed the raw material issues a labor bill to the manufacturer.

what i meant was the materials is owned by the manufacturer but a legal document with a sequential serial number has to be provided to document that the material is delivered to the party for job work. When the materials are returned back to the manufacturer they issue their own delivery note mentioning that the materials issued by the manufacturer vide delivery note serial number has been returned to the manufacturer after job work. We need to provide the delivery note issued and the delivery note received if and when the authorities demand.


Delivery usually means to send to a customer ordered or sold items. When you give out the inventory, you have arrangement to collect them back in a processed form. So it is either you sell raw materials to them and buy another type of product from them for which bills and delivery not must be used to transfer the goods, or, you send them there just to pick them later when they have added their bit of production to it, which isn’t a sale and therefore doesn’t need delivery note. It a form of delivery but the delivery and goods receipt note in Manager is meant to be issued to customers and suppliers and not manufacturing partners.

You can design a different form that can be used between you and your business partners for the movement of inventory.

Do the business partner return the inventory after they have converted them? if no then it a sale, if yes then you haven’t legally transferred the materials to them so why a delivery note?
If they insist on a delivery note create a different company and issue it from there as suggested above and reserve the delivery and receipt note in the main company for your customers and suppliers.

So when you send the inventory to them, you are just changing the location of the inventory because they will be returned, everyone of them and they will pay for damages if they damage any this doesn’t constitute a sale and therefore Delivery Note tool as it is now is not appropriate.
Design a new form call it maybe “Transfer for further manufacturing form” or something detailing the qty, type etc of inventory transferred there which will be counter signed by your business partners when they arrive there.

Please do you understand?


I am sorry but its not about what i understand rather what is legally acceptable. I have explained the legal procedure we need to follow in our country and that is what we can follow.

We already have a book for this and we are going back to it.

I just hope whatever i have explained is taken as a suggestion and maybe implemented as a workflow for manufacturers in the future updates.

Thank you for your time and appreciate your help @Abeiku @Brucanna @lubos


I understand that I am happy to live in a part of the world that has moved on from being so bogged down with such dogmatic documentation requirements, but on a more serious note, if numbered documents are of such importance, then use number documents - if they are called Delivery Notes or Inventory transfer or “its mine while its yours” it doesn’t matter as long as the Inventory trail can be shown.

At times @sharpdrivetek you seem to contradict yourself a) the materials are owned by the manufacturer and b) they have legally changed hands with a delivery note. One can’t still own if it has legally changed hands. I feel you are confusing ownership with being in possession.

I own my vehicle which gets damaged, I take it to the panel beater who takes possession of it to repair it. No delivery or transfer required. I own rusty steel which needs cleaning before painting, so I take it to sandblaster who takes possession to do the cleaning. No delivery or transfer required. I own raw material A and take it to a Service business for processing who returns it on completion. No deliver or transfer required.

However if one wants to document this temporary change in possession then as @Abeiku stated - “You can design a different form that can be used between you and your business partners for the movement of inventory.” - The invoice for the service performed is a separated matter from the possession status. Going back to the vehicle damaged, the invoice could go to the insurance company, not the owner of the inventory.



I have disabled Delivery Notes and Goods Receipts. My inventory shows all the production order and it subtracts from inventory write offs but it does not show subtracts of Sale invoices.

So inventory items Qty on hand is wrong.


I was trying to figure out what some people are saying their Qty on hand is wrong. This is why. Fixed in the latest version (17.6.12).


i am running still 17.6.10. how to update to latest version in desktop and server edition please


The same way you got version 17.6.10, select from


You have done great things really. I really appreciate it. What i want to suggest is we have a figure in summary inventory in hand. By clicking that we enter to “summary / inventory in hand.” (In my case). That page only values of inventory items. If u can add quantity field and may be average cost as well. Then it will be very helpful. Secondly ppl who are missing this average cost feature. They will be satisfied as well. Thanks


I have a question for @lubos

Assuming i make delivery note and goods receipt to maintain the inventory stock purchased or sold through purchase invoice and sales invoice. And as i had discussed in the previous posts i will be sending and receiving the inventory items for processing (job work) by making delivery note and goods receipt.

In this case will i ever be forced to make a sales invoice for the delivery note and a purchase invoice for the goods receipts of the same? This way i can maintain the Qty on hand and will also help me create the required documents. I understand i will not be able to maintain the Qty to deliver and Qty to receive. That will be possible if you can provide a check box like I had mentioned in a previous post [17.6.10] More clarity under Inventory Items tab

I checked and found that there is automatic numbering for both delivery note and goods receipt. So thats a relief.


@sharpdrivetek you said you are shipping away raw materials and receive finished goods. Are you using Production Orders tab?


How Can i update my software?


I think it would be better if production order would contain a field to specify “end date”. The way it would work would be that when production order is created, input goods would be removed from inventory. And production order would be “open” until “end date” is provided. When “end date” is provided, then finished goods would be put into inventory.

This way you can see at glance what production orders are “open” and what is coming back.

Does it make sense?


i am shipping away raw materials for labor work and receiving the same back as a processed inventory and not as a finished good. Finished good is produced in our factory itself. Not all raw materials need processing.

I think i need to explain myself a little more. The raw material is an inventory item we receive from the supplier. When we give this raw material out for processing, this inventory leaves our factory, the processed raw material received back is a new inventory item from the labor contractor. This new processed inventory along with other raw inventory goes into the production order to produce a finished good.

Adding the raw material that needs processing and those that do not need processing in the production will not maintain a correct inventory quantity since the processed inventory stock will be only available after the whole process i explained for labor work above happens.

Also using the delivery note and goods receipt solves our problem for having a document needed for this.


@sharpdrivetek then you can have two production orders. One that converts raw material to processed inventory by service provider. And one which converts input item into finished goods within your factory.

What I’m saying is that currently production order is an instant transaction but it could have start date and end date which would be suitable when production order is multi-day event.


I have tried this method. The problem is i cannot create a legally acceptable document to move those inventory items when making it as a production order. The legal document we need is similar to the delivery note we presently have in Manager with just an additional note mentioning the purpose of the movement of goods. Also there is proper serialization of the document which too is important.


What’s different between production order and delivery note as far as layout goes? The title of the document?


The delivery note layout and contents are exactly what is already available in manager.
The contents will be the date, delivery note number (reference number), Shipped to, Shipped from, Item description, quantity.
And a note at the bottom which mentions the purpose of movement of these inventory items ( in our case we mention it as “Sent for job work & Not for sale, To be returned after processing.”)


Production order can do all that too. If some field is missing, you can create custom field on production order for that.


yes but it affects the workflow of the company. The stock is maintained by the stores team and the production is under different team just like every other department within the company. So it is difficult to merge them just for a workaround.

The stores team is responsible for the movement of inventory in and out of the factory. We like to leave it that way. We do not want the staff from stores messing around the production module. It help in keeping the company better organized.