[16.11.1] Added new themes for invoices, quotes, orders, receipts etc

If you are not registered for GST you will not need to enable tax codes under Settings and the tax field will not appear. A business that is not registered for GST is not required to record GST. Expenses are recorded based on the GST inclusive amounts without recording the GST separately.

I cannot find any “Title” in the theme. please help me! show me in the screen shot where I can edit

Line 6 of the default theme:

<td style="font-weight: bold; font-size: 32px">{{ title }}</td>

I’m hoping a tutorial will soon be offered. I find these themes very confusing; all I’m trying to do is add a business logo or photo and change the way it is displayed, however the code is very ambiguous and does not show what I need. A ‘WYSIWYG’ kind of editor would be most helpful to those of us who do not do any kind of language programming.



Add your logo under Settings.

Good Morning The Manager team,

Thanks for your intup to make the manager work and looks even better.

Latest update did caused some problems. Does anyone could explain to me how can I change a template code of a Invoice to add abnk details, please? (I have created custom field but seems to be not displayed on the invoice).

Also wording Invoice has to be change to TAX INVOICE.

Your help would be much appreciated.


@Downunder, you can modify your theme to replace

{{ title }}


{{ title | replace: "Invoice", "Tax Invoice" }}

But generally if you use in-built tax code, Manager will automatically call the invoice “Tax Invoice” where applicable.

As for custom fields, they will show on your invoice but you will need to mark them to show on printed documents.

Hi Lubos,

Iam sorry but I have to do something wrong here…

Firstly by going to Themes and selecting a favorite theme I can;t see an option to make any changes (add or delete any lines). I can’t see any ‘save’ buttom. Screen shoot attached.

Thank you for your help

Under Settings, select Themes. Click New Theme. Write the code, then click Create. If you want to create a new theme from an existing theme, click on its image first and copy the code. Then paste that code into the new theme’s window and modify it from there.[quote=“Downunder, post:112, topic:7554”]
I can’t see any ‘save’ buttom.

Once a theme has been created, modify its code directly in the window and click Update.

I clicked into settings but I cannot see the “themes” icon that was there before. I can see “tax code”, “template”, and “Tracking Codes” but no themes. The html invoices I set up before are showing up and all fields are viewed, however when I print them or create a pdf, none of the information within invoice fields, statements, credit notes show up on the pdf or printed invoice.

I am trying to get some important invoices out but atm, I am doing screenshots of the invoices as the pdf files are not showing up on the pdf.

Please let me know what I can do.

Kind regards

Have you read this topic

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Thank you for this, did not realise you had responded. :slight_smile: 156 days ago. The link in you reply is giving a 404 error. Has it been moved elsewhere? Thanks in advance.

The new link is Free Accounting Software | Manager

I cannot find other themes. Is there a place where I can perhaps find other themes

Perhaps you need to update to the latest version as Themes are now located under Settings.

I have closed this topic. 115 posts were enough, and the thread has digressed too far from the original announcement of a now-outdated release.

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