[16.10.70] Added ability to attach documents to transactions (+local storage)


Fixed now.


Actually, there was a “Releases” tag until a week ago, which I was remembering. It seems to have been accidentally dropped during an editing cycle on October 24th. It has now been restored.


It doesn’t seem to be working for me! All the topics in releases are still showing in the order of last reply I presume rather than topic creation date which makes it very difficult to see what the latest releases are.


The most recent five posts had only to do with this topic being tagged in the releases category.


@dalacor, if you go to, click on the Releases link at the bottom. This will take to the list of release topics sorted by when they were created.

Here is direct link too:


Oh now I see how you get there. What I have been doing is going to forum and then clicking on the drop down from all categories and clicking on releases there and this is not sorted alphabetically. The route I use is a lot more intuitive as most users that are familiar with the forum now know that the releases are on the forum instead of where they used to be. Would it be possible to code the releases link on the dropdown to order created and then order is correct whichever route you go down?


Hi Lubos,
The file attachment option is excellent; but how is this different from the FOLDERS tab. I am unable to locate the FOLDERS in the hard drive. Is it that I will have to replicate all the file attachments in the FOLDERS tab to ensure that they are also backed up.
Regards, Venkat


Folders tab is for attachments which are not related to any particular transaction but you would still like to keep it within Manager


Thanks Lubos for the clarification.

A query again - Is it possible that I store all my attachments in this folder and link the necessary files against a particular transaction.



Am using the cloud version i saw today amazon storage has been removed and i can attache files normal. Is this a new feature for free with the folder option ? and do we have a max limit of storage ?


I really love this feature!
Is it possible in the future to add attachments to invoices you send to customers to? It would be nice!


Hi @lubos,

I was wondering if you had any comments on logical file names for uploaded attachments, as per my post of 24 October, above and as supported by @dalacor?

I think it’s quite an important point as part of the whole keeping control of one’s own data. At present, whilst files are not strictly locked into the Manager system, they may as well be in this format which doesn’t even show the file extension, never mind the original name, making it next to impossible or at least extremely time consuming to locate a file outside of the software.

Also, I’m just adding my support to the post by @Systemedic as well. Attachments appear to be missing for invoices (I thought they were there originally?) but it would be useful to have. Sometimes supporting documentation (e.g., a timesheet or a complex breakdown than is) can accompany an invoice so it would be beneficial to file together.


Yes, you don’t have to pay for that feature anymore. There is currently soft limit of 1,000 MB but it’s not enforced. The limit will be increased eventually.

Not sure about this yet. I will look into this soon.

The attachments footer is not visible if you are using “View Template”. “View Templates” are now obsolete and replaced with themes which work across all documents (not just invoices).


@lubos The free storage is a huge step thank you :raised_hands:. One more thing when pressing on the the attached file it redirect you to the link file in the same tab could you change it to open in in new tab , i tried to use the middle mouse button and Ctrl + Shift + Left-click they don’t work.


Thanks. I’m going to hold off on uploading documents for now in case the filename implementation does change. Therefore, if you could advise on your decision once you arrive at it, I’d be grateful.


is there any possibility to attach the attached file or image in the email, say when a sale invoice is emailed it could have the attached file for client like original picture of a product or a terms agreement etc


@fahadalarab, that’s not yet possible but coming soon.


I have been using MANAGER since Sept 2016. A few weeks ago I updated the program because email of Invoices stopped working. They work now. However, the “Attachment” feature is not sending the Attachment along with the invoice. What’s going on?


Your question was answered in the previous post in this topic. Attachments have never been sent with emails. The attachment is to the transaction, such as a scan of a customer document, not to any email. You can generate a PDF of the invoice and send it with your regular email client, adding any attachments you want.