XBRL and other types of exports

Got to tell you I like this software, I’m hoping it can do this stuff as well.
We will have to submit reports to government bodies.
I’m told the format should be XBRL, which they say the world is moving to.

It seems its some kind of “universal” XML type format that governments seem to be adopting.

I’m wondering if Manager can do this sort of stuff… and or perhaps there is a way to get it into this XBRL format.

From reading the forum I see that you are actively developing, if its not there, I just want to say, its a fantastic product already, and at the same time I want to say… these company auditors and gov registers are pulling us all into this XBRL thing. I hope you can comment on this…

Thank you again…

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Any anticipated development with regard to XBRL?
Many tax calculating and submission software expect accounts to be attached in XBRL format.

Thanks for all the hard work.

I think this will be best handled by new Manager Extensions project which is all about adding country-specific extensions to Manager.

If there is government department or tax software is a specific country which require data in certain format, the code can be added to Manager Extensions project