Wrong calculation of VAT in journal posts (Belgium 21% VAT)


Unfortunately, I don’t find a support e-mail address or contact form to report an issue. So let’s use forum instead.

I noticed that the tax calculation for the journal posts isn’t working correct for the Belgium VAT. In all other categories it’s working perfect!! (Invoices for customer, suppliers, etc).

The matrix is calculating to less.

For example VAT on 200 euro is 42 euros, but in journal posts it’s calculating the VAT wrong and mentioning 34,71 euros. This is a difference of 7,29 euros;

I hope this bug can be fixt :slight_smile:

In Journals you need to enter the Tax Inclusive amount - so enter 242.00

Amount 200 = 165.29 + 34.71 (21%)

@jaspenjon, you may also find useful information here: Strange calculation with VAT.

Hello Brucanna,

Thank you for the feedback. I tested and the VAT is now correct :slight_smile:

What I don’t understand, what the point is of the option to add the VAT in journal posts? If you first needs to calculated it manually. In al other categories you don’t need to do this.

What is your point of view?

I think the philosophy is that journal entries are not intended for actual movement of money in Manager. They are meant more for transfers between accounts (chart of accounts accounts, not bank accounts). So amounts being entered should normally be tax-inclusive.

Other types of entries, such as spending or receiving money, invoicing, and so forth, might involve either tax-inclusive or tax-exclusive amounts, so you are given the option.

Can you give an example of a transaction you are entering via a journal entry where it is necessary to add VAT?

Hello Tut,

Thanks for your reply.

I am using the journal post for adding the monthly income of Google Adsense and calculation of the VAT for Belgium state.

Then it seems like you should be using the Receive Money function in whichever bank account you are receiving the income.

Okay, thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Tut, I have just one more question. I want to add possible earnings (not yet received) of Google Adsense (for example 20 euros for the month of April and 30 euros in the month of May) or other affliate programmas in the manager programma. To have a global view of unpaid earnings centralised.

Do you have suggestion which category would be the best to use?

This will depend on a couple things. First, are you doing cash-based or accrual-based accounting?

If cash-based, it isn’t appropriate to include these potential earnings at all. Income is recognized only when actually received.

If accrual-based, is this income actually earned? In other words, do you have an irrefutable right to it? Perhaps you do, but perhaps you don’t. For example, if you have to maintain a membership for some period to obtain the payment, it is not yet income, because you have no right to it. But assuming the income is yours and only awaits a payout date, it would be appropriate to enter it, but not into a cash account. You might create an asset account named something like Accrued affiliate income. Monthly, you could use a journal entry to debit that asset account for the amount earned and credit an income account of your choosing (including, possibly one created for this purpose). When actual payment is received, such as from Google, Receive Money in the appropriate bank account and allocate the transaction to Accrued affiliate income, which will credit the account and move its balance toward zero. (If the payment received encompasses all accrued affiliate income, it will be zero.)

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Tut, thanks al lot for great information and your time !!! This helps me al lot :slight_smile: