Work order and small print

I really enjoy using, because I can create production orders well, can calculate cost per item, as well as for each order. But I can’t find a way to print a work order with the work order (a lot of other software already provides it) linked to the sales order. I agree Small print to the size of a thermal printer for retail sales.

Welcome to the forum @Sekwi_Yuki

There’s been quite a few posts on thermal printing and that’s been solved using custom themes.

You can also search the forum for other discussions on thermal printing.

You should know, though, that Themes have been placed under Obsolete Features for quite sometime so there’s no guarantee that themes will continue to work indefinitely.

@Sekwi_Yuki, your desire to have sales orders referenced on production orders can be accomplished with a custom field.

This answer assumes you are really asking about production orders. There is no such thing as a work order in Manager. It is important to use actual terminology from the program on the forum. Otherwise, we must guess what you mean.