Why not fix account type in invoice

why we need to chose account type again & again in single invoice like - in one sales invoice have 10 items then every time in every line compulsory to chose inventory sale why not fix it one time same asin purchase invoice inventory on hand .
Who is always sales and purchase only inventory items why are compulsory to chose account again and again . Some settings must be to select once in at time first configration.

Because every item on a sales invoice could properly be allocated to a different account. For example, you sell (a) one item from your inventory, (b) one item that is custom-built and therefore never enters inventory, (c) design charges for the custom-built item that are recorded via Billable Time, (d) transportation and delivery charges for both that are allocated to freight income, (e) installation that is allocated to a fixed-rate sales account, and (f) a 3-year maintenance contract allocated to a prepaid service liability account. Six line items, six different accounts.

How would Manager know, on any given invoice, which account to choose? For every user who typically uses one account, there will be many more that typically use several.

If this really bothers you, create sales invoice items under Settings. Link the item to a specific inventory item and designate the account to be used whenever the sales invoice item is selected.

But they are sales and purchase only inventory items why are chose account type again and again why not fix it at once by settings for save time and extra energy

As I said before, businesses buy and sell many things other than inventory items. So the accounts used on purchase and sales invoices can be many other things. You cannot expect the program to be customized for your specific application.

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