What to do after preparing a bank reconciliation statement

I have prepared by bank reconciliation statement,

But I am confused on what to do with the items of discrepancies represented in the bank reconciliation statement.

Do I make the adjusted posting into the cash book?

Please see https://www2.manager.io/guides/9235 , especially the section on unsuccessful reconciliation, so you know what to do.

Thanks Let me try my hands on this

Please I want to Import a file but It is saved in Xcel format

How do I convert to any of the accepted upload format

That is a feature of Excel, not Manager.

As @Tut explained this is an Excel application feature. If you press Help in Excel it would tell you how to save the file in any format suitable for import into Manager as explained in the guides https://www2.manager.io/guides/9240

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How can I get help quickly?

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