Reconciliation Software: What do people use?

I noticed that for some time Manager no longer has built-in help to locate the discrepancies between the bank statements and Manager Bank Accounts.

I think locating the discrepancies takes so much time that I long for software that will point out all discrepancies instantly.

I hope some people will let me know what third-party software they use.

The rest of this post is what I would seek in a reconciliation program:

I would like to download a CSV file from a Bank’s website the transactions for the past month to a year. Then I would copy the transactions from the Manager account and paste them into a spreadsheet. I would save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. So now I have two CSV files: One from the bank and one from Manager. I load these into the third-party software. And that software tells me all the discrepancies. It will tell me which transactions appear in the bank’s list but not in Manager, and which transactions appear in Manager but not in the bank’s list.

Maybe some people are using third-party software that works as I described with CSV files?

I enable the reconciliation tab in Manager and use that.
I attach a copy of the relevant bank statement to simplify later auditing.

Please see part in guides Reconcile bank accounts | Manager when bank reconciliation fails, i.e. there is difference between imported bank statements and accounts. Specifically:

If the figures disagree, the status will show as Not reconciled . Click on the blue figure in the Discrepancy column:

I appreciate your posts @Patch and @eko.

@eko, you helped me remember that you click on the discrepancy figure to get to the build-in help reconciling. So, that looks good. I forgot because I have been reconciling using a different method.