What does the field 1 x -1 mean, I wonder

Manager is a brilliant application! It makes accounting quite fun.

can you please explain what you mean by your topic title?

Yes Manager Accounting Software is a Brilliant Software and Working with it is quite interesting.
@Kevin_Johnson please tell the meaning of title of this topic.

In the drop-down list for ‘transaction’ field when generating a custom report – the list item immediately below Amount is Amount x -1.

See below.

I don’t know what Amount x -1 signifies.

In some transactions, the amounts are negative because they reduce inventory for example

The field -1 allows you to produce a report showing positive values which the users of the report might expect

So in essence what you are saying is that " x " is used as multiplier symbol instead of " * "?

Brilliant, thank you so much!

This – as it turns out – is exactly what I need for trust ledger account statements where the CR balance is what the business, a law firm, owes the client, being an amount held in trust for the client.

And the client user, typically, will expect this amount to be positive.

So I can produce the attached.

Thank you so much.

Hole - Trust Ledger Account Statement No 3 – Steven James Hole (HOL51-A) - For the period from 1-11-2021 to 19-11-2021.pdf (75.5 KB)

Looking at this again – using the Amount x -1 field as a column – I see that it is not right to give that columna heading of ‘balance’.

The Amount x -1 is not the balance after a debit or credit entry, rather it is the debit or credit sum expressed as a positive or negative.

So I will change that ‘alias’ heading for the column to ‘amounts received in trust less amounts withdrawn’ which will then yield, I think, a very clear solicitors’ trust ledger account statement which complies in format in any event with the Legal Profession Act, Queensland.

Once again, felicitations to whoever is behind this brilliant Manager accounting work!