We need tracking code (Project Name) for payment

we need to make payment to the supplier. a supplier has a lot of purchase invoices in different tracking codes (Project). So, If we make payment to a supplier without mentioning the invoice number, it will be distributed among invoices, sometimes in different projects.
Think, a supplier owes 100$ in 3 tracking code (Project).
Like ABC supplier has purchase invoice No- 1, Tracking Code- “A”, payment 25$
purchase invoice No- 2, Tracking Code- “B”, payment 25$
purchase invoice No- 3, Tracking Code- “C”, payment 25$
purchase invoice No- 4, Tracking Code- “C”, payment 25$
Now, we want to pay 50$ to ABC supplier in Tracking code “C”.
But, when we want to pay without invoice no mentioning Manager maybe take it for invoice no 1 and 2.

I think I cleared the message for you.

Our projects are short-term projects, like 6-24 months. So, it is not wise to use different bank accounts for different projects.
We want simple help, we think.
Please look at the screenshot and add the tracking code dropdown near the supplier or anywhere, you can give me this field below (where tick mark options are available)

You should then apply tracking code to the invoice lines and not to the payment.

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@Davide is correct. Furthermore, you already have the ability to allocate payments to specific purchase invoices in any amount you wish and in any combination.

Your example is confusing, because suppliers do not owe money. You owe them money. If you combine payments for multiple projects into a single transaction, simply split the payment into multiple line items, one for each purchase invoice. The total payment will equal the amount of the transaction and each purchase invoice will be allocated its correct amount.

Every line item on your payment will be posted to Accounts payable > Supplier > Purchase invoice #. Tracking codes are completely unnecessary.

I want to combine payment for multiple invoices (Lot of invoices so, I don’t want to select inovice number) into a single project.

You cannot claim you want to allocate payments to specific projects while refusing to enter the information necessary to do so. Your suggested solution of tracking codes for balance sheet accounts would still require you to enter information. In fact, to prevent accidental posting to undesired invoices and projects, you would have to enter more information: invoice numbers and tracking codes. Again, the tracking codes would be extraneous information because they are already applied on purchase invoices.

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