Payment or Receipt for different department and different project

Hi ,
I do not found any topic in this forum-about how to create a Payment or Receipt for different department and different project in one transaction? any idea for this?
for example:

  1. I have paid $100
  2. This amount is paid for office rent
  3. This office rent is applicable for finance department, I have 10 departments
  4. This office rent is applicable for ABC project, I have 30 Projects.
    How it is possible?

Use the Add line button to add extra lines

Add lines and select tracking codes.

Learn how to use tracking codes here:

@Abeiku as your advice- it will work for a department only (tracking code), but i need to pass to a project as well, how to hit them a project?

Create separate accounts for departments. Group them if you want. Use tracking codes for projects.

Create different expense accounts in general ledger for different projects.

So Departments will be presented by tracking codes and projects revenue and expenses account added to your chart account. If you are looking for Parent and subsidiary tracking codes I’m afraid it is not available now.

Ask yourself which is more permanent…Departments or Projects? Do each of your projects reside withinin a Department, or do multiple Departments join to execute a project? How fast does your project work turn over? That is, how many projects do you complete each period, and how many do you start each period? Month, Quarter, Year; all time frames make a difference…

Also, how would you choose to track your cost expenses if you had no projects?

Are your projects internal (building up your business, all internal expense) or external (performing work for a client (revenue = cost + profit).

That said, I would strongly recommend that Tracking codes be used for your departments, because you may like to keep departmental margins visible.

And use Custom codes on your documents to track projects…

But I also strongly recommend that you try to avoid creating projects or Departments by Ledger / Chart of Accounts. There is too much risk of data entry/clerical mistakes in coding, especially if you have multiple people performing the input.

There are a few more steps you can take to ease the coding complexity, I’ll let this settle first…