Watermark -Invoice , Quotes, Purchase Orders and other documents

Having a feature to place a Watermark on Invoices , Quotes, Purchase Orders and other documents would be great.

Hey Zark,

Can you please exactly show us where to put mentioned code?
I have tried it in Custom fields Notes.
And I can see Watermark on the Invoice but items and amounts are showing on top and the Watermark image is going on the back side of written things, so I can see half image only.


First, @AlFalahAccounting, you are responding to a six-year-old post. There is every possibility the program has changed so much since then that the post is irrelevant.

Second, your explanation is hard to understand for two reasons. Watermarks are intended to be positioned behind other text, so telling us this happens does not indicate any problem. And there is no “back side” of anything in Manager. You should illustrate whatever you are referring to with screen shots.

Third, @Zark has not been active on the forum in the last five years. So you are very unlikely to obtain a reply.


My comment was only a link to an already existing solution. See that link for more information and examples.
However, as @tut has mentioned, people will find it easier to assist you if you can provide screenshots showing what you have achieved so far.

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Glad to see you are still around, @Zark.

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[quote=“[16.4.16] Added ability to use HTML markup in fields, post:12, topic:5601”]


Hey @Tut,

First, Thank you so much for your reply,

Second, I know the program has changed in the last six-year but when someone needs something in the Manager Accounting Software you guys always ask us to search in a forum before creating a new topic.

Third, So, I did the same when I found the same topic that I need, I just asked the same person if he knows better.

@Zark Thank you so much for your help on the same topic, I was hoping that you will reply, And see you replied on the same topic after a long 6 years, Good to see you.

The screenshot is attached for knowledgeable people for easier to assist me.

I also tried this few months back & faced the same issue that @AlFalahAccounting is facing. The whole page(that can fit printable content) appears infront of watermark, but our requirement is that we need only the text & borders above watermark.