Invoices and Receipts Signature


I am new to Manager IO and I am trying to include my signature on my Invoices and Receipts as well.
I have a PDF signature that I normally use but I cannot insert that in the Notes box.
Is there a way to include a digital signature on the Invoices and receipts as well?

Thank you for your quick reply!

Search the forum. This has been discussed.

I have looked that up and all I was able to find was something from 2015 saying that the issue would be solved in a month, nothing else.
Am I missing some other thread?
I apologize if this annoys you but I just finished looking it up once again and I actually did not find anything so specific as I am mentioning with my question.
Also, I tried to add a custom field with the signature but was also to no avail.
Any further clarification on this matter, please?

I don’t have time to do the search for you. Look for posts about including images and watermarks.

Thank you for the direction provided Tut!
I was not expecting you to search that for me, I was just asking for help on this matter since I am new to the program and I do not know anything about code.
I was able to find the posts related to my questions but, even after following the instructions presented, the problem remained the same.
I am unable to insert a digital signature on my invoices or receipts, not even with custom fields.
I also tried the watermark option but, instead of putting it as a background, it prints it on a separate page.

with all the respect, I am not expecting you to solve this issue for me but if you would be so kind as to guide me in the proper direction to obtain the help I need, I would much appreciated that help.

Thank you once again for the previous directions provided!

I have never done it myself. You have obviously found the topics I remembered. That is where I would have looked. The other possibility is to generate the PDF and use the markup features of a PDF viewer to add the signature outside of Manager.

Thank you Tut!
That option actually did not cross my mind.
I will try that in a couple of minutes and will post the results in here for others that might experience the same issue as I am going through.
Fingers crossed and let’s hope it works!

As promised, here is the outcome of the situation.

I was able to create a text using the custom fields leaving an empty space between paragraphs so that I could insert the digital signature.
I did not named the custom fields so that those names would not show when printing.
Thank you once again Tut, for helping me brainstorm this situation!

I then tried to add a watermark to the invoices, just as I currently have set on a word document template, but it did not work.
After unsuccessfully using the “Notes” field, which appears when printing by the way, I tried to work around with the code posted by Jon on May 2nd 2016 ( [16.4.16] Added ability to use HTML markup in fields ) on different ways but was to not avail.
It looked fine on Manager but as soon as I try to print it… image no longer shows as watermark and also splits the invoices/receipts into a couple of sheets.
I kept on trying to figure this out by moving this code into different lines on the template I was testing this out, but I just can’t figure it out. (at least for now, as I might try it again at a later time when I am less upset with this)
In any case, I will keep looking along the forum to see if anyone else has faced this issue as well and if someone has found a solution for it.
Anyway… at least I am able to sign the Invoices and the Receipts as well!

Thank you once again for your help and sorry for the inconvenience that I might have caused you!

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Thank you for the information Syed!

I had followed these options already before trying to insert the code within the theme lines, but the end result was the same, the background image kept being placed on another sheet when converting to PDF instead of showing as watermark.

Thank you anyway!

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Interested to get a final solution on this topic myself.

Let’s see if there’s a way around to finally get it done. :slight_smile:

There is no question my method of marking up a PDF works. The process is independent of Manager. The only question is whether you have a PDF creation/viewing application with the right features.

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Thank you all for your help and feedback!

The method, after adjusting it accordingly to the picture I have, shows a perfect watermark within Manager.
It took me a bit to figure out that the picture I had was too big but, after resizing it, I was able to make it show as intended.
For the picture that I have and use for watermark these invoices, I had to bring the opacity to 0.09 and play around with the Top and Left margins in order to get it centered.

Regarding the PDF permissions, the only PDF tool I have is Adobe Acrobat DC (15.23.20056), the latest and updated version of Acrobat Reader for Windows 10.
And I do work fine with it. (or so I think!)
I have tried to save word documents with watermarks into PDF and it worked well.

Just tested it and the same issue about the watermark being placed on another page without any watermark properties, happens also when emailing the file within Manager, at least to me.
I have tried with the Notes box and also with an unnamed custom box so that it looks a bit cleaner.

Again, and as I have mentioned before, I recognize that this might be a case of me not doing something right but, for now, I will have to live with it due to lack of time to try to figure this out.
So… for now, and until the solution for the issue, I am just sending the Invoices without the Watermark.

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No thanks to me? :Sad larry:

Tut closed the post even though I only ask for clarification. And yes, sorry I didn’t know when folder is implemented. Harsh tut…

I know it is only a work around Shiatsu, but I use a program called FinePrint. It appears like a printer driver but it can add overlay images as watermarks, or as hard text - such as a signature. You print from Manager to FinePrint. You can do lots of other useful things such as printing as a booklet, up or down scaling etc. You just hit Print from inside FinePrint and it goes to the real printer of your choice.

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em>Accountant…Approval…Receiver Signature…

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