WAT Reports

How can I customize WAT reports?


What are WAT reports? (Remember, forum members are all around the world and do not necessarily know Danish acronyms.)

The reports are Tax Audit, Tax Summary, Tax Reconcilations, Tax Transactions.

You cannot. Built-in report content is hard-coded. The only changes you can make to those reports are to date ranges, accounting basis, and—in the case of Tax Reconciliation—the addition of comparative columns. For all, you can add descriptions, but those only appear in the listing, not on the reports themselves.

The existing built in reports can only be customized by their edit screen as Tut describes above however you can also

  • copy the report to a spread sheet program (via the “Copy to clip board” button or selecting the text in the report directly) and enhance it there

  • "Custom Reports can be used to build reports with some similar features. See Create custom reports

  • Currently for specific reports, “Report transformation” provide much greater control.

  • Managers API can be used for more elaborate tasks if you have access to the programming skills

For localisation examples: