Wages on P&L report

In the P&L report I see the Expense category “Wages & salaries”, but it based on “Payslip” transaction. But in reality, the amount withdrawals from the accounts were quite different. How can I see these withdrawals in the report?

Here is the P&L report:

Here is what I see when clicked on category “Wages & salaries” from P&L report:

And that’s the real payments:

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong?

The P&L shows the “total” cost of the Wages, the contra to this goes to the BS - which could include various accounts depending on taxes, deductions etc with the balance going to Employees Clearing - which gets paid to the employee. Therefore you will never see the withdrawals in the P&L reports, you need to go BS Employee Clearing to see the that.

Employee A - Payslip
P&L Dr Wages 4000
BS Cr Taxes 300
BS Cr E/Cl 3700

Employee A - Payment
BS Dr E/Cl 3700
BS Cr Bank 3700