Voucher in company currency instead of transaction currency

I provided your excellent software to my accountant. I use the multi-currency features, with the base currency in HKD.

However, all of the expense claims, purchase, invoices are in foreign currencies. We would like to know if it is possible to print the voucher of journal transaction or expenses claim or any voucher in the company currency, and not in the transaction currency.

For example, we have an expanse claim composed of 5 transactions (expenses) in CHF, and my accountant want to print the voucher and staple it to 5 invoices. However, we think it would be very great if when we print the voucher we see the 5 transactions in their original amount, and the total in both amount (original and company) with the exchange rate.

Then we can see for each voucher the rate applied and all the voucher are in the company currency (which can be requested during the audit).

Is it complicated ? Is there any way to print that voucher in company currency ?

I think this is a good idea for expense claims or purchase invoices in foreign currencies.

Not really good for foreign currency sales invoices as they are printed for customer and customer wouldn’t care about your base currency.