Variable dropdown custom field

Hello,thank you for this great software!!
I would like to ask if it is possible to make a variable custom field, what i mean by that is for example, we have a client a car service company. We have a custom field with different car brand names (e.g Opel), the client requested another dropdown field for the model of the car, for example if the brand name is “Opel” the model field should bring a dropdown with available models (“Astra,Corsa,Insignia” etc…). Is this possible ?
The current solution we provided is a text field in which they will write the model.
Thank you in advance.

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You can add additional dropdown fields. But you cannot make their contents dependent on some other previously selected dropdown field.

Thank you, for reply.
I guess we have to stick with our current solution.
Is it any possibility for this to be implemented in the future ?

I have no idea. I am not the developer. But it isn’t currently on the roadmap.