Using Suppliers without Purchase Invoices

For my business, I use Purchase Invoices and Sales Invoices so naturally using Suppliers and Clients makes sense.

However, for my Home accounts, I do not enter any transactions - I simply do a bank import every couple of weeks. So purchase invoices serves no purpose.

Is there any benefit to creating a list of suppliers, as my home accounts will be the same companies for gas, water, elec, petrol etc. What would be the benefit of using Suppliers over Other in Payments/Receipts.

I believe that the only and sole difference would be that I could run a report on Suppliers, which I am not likely to do because for home accounting, I am only really interested in how much I am spending each month on food, petrol etc. The supplier is irrelevant.

Use bank rules, when you import the bank statement bank rules can be setup. You can still change the entry before updating.

For home accounts, cash/bank in and out is what it is all about. No need to use suppliers or debtors. With bankrules I’m sure you can allocate most of your transactions to the appropriate G/L accounts and generate the reports you like.

I already have the bank rules set to go to the correct COA so that it is all sorted. It’s only because the latest Manager version now gives the ability to set the Customer/Supplier and Other in the bank rules that raised the question of whether there is any value to using Suppliers for home accounts.

Given that I have used my home accounts for several years now and never needed to know anything about the suppliers, I will just use the Others option. Thanks

Now that bank rules support suppliers I will use suppliers. The rules are all supplier specific making it a zero effort addition during bank import.

Coded data enables understanding not possible with out. In the past the cost of implementation was much higher so hard to justify.

For a home user, what would you find useful to know about suppliers? I can understand for a business account (I use suppliers for my business), but other than creating some report, I can’t see any value in creating suppliers tab and creating a list of suppliers.

With bank rules, I am able to set the payee to other and type in name of supplier. So I do see the supplier showing in payments and receipts. I just don’t use the Supplier tab.

What would you use supplier information for regarding home accounts which would mainly be food, petrol, water, gas, elec and so on.

If settings payee, using suppliers & customer is a far better method. You get a reliable drop down list. Eliminating typing error naming inconsistency.

Bank rules now enable adding supplier at zero user cost.

The use is the same as any other data coding, patterns become visible.

That is a good point. To avoid Typos. It also means that I can change the name of a supplier when their company name changes and it will update for all transactions.

I will go with adding Suppliers as apart from adding the Suppliers Tab, there is no cost to using Suppliers, only advantages. Thanks for the input.