Using Fixed Assets

I have entered two items in the fixed asset tab, no problem.
Because I paid for these assets I entered the items in the expense claim, under the fixed asset item.
My problem starts with trying to make a payment from the bank account, if I make the payment to say an expense account wages to reimbursement myself, the amount ends up in the suspense account.

If I spend money and use the asset item it just doubles the amount in fixed assets on the balance sheet.

So I guess the question is how do I complete this transaction?


I’m not sure I understand exactly what you did. But the way to handle a fixed asset purchase is to first create the asset as per the Guide at This has no effect on financials. It is like creating a new customer.

Next, record the purchase. Since you used your own money, you were correct to create an expense claim. And you properly allocated the claim to Fixed Assets and the particular asset. Now the item is on your books at its cost.

It seems your trouble came with reimbursing yourself. You should Spend Money from the company bank account, allocating the payment to Expense claims. There should be no involvement with any expense account, whether wages or anything else. The reimbursement actually has nothing to do with the fixed asset or with wage expenses. It is merely satisfying your company’s liability to you for advancing it the money to buy the asset.

The fixed asset purchase was not an expense from an accounting perspective, but a capital outlay that must be recovered through depreciation. The depreciation during each accounting period will be what you record as an expense. You will do this in the Fixed Assets tab by clicking on the Accumulated Depreciation balance for the asset and then New Depreciation Entry, as at Manager will then allocate that period’s depreciation to the depreciation expense account.

The fact that your reimbursement ended up in Suspense means you made an unbalanced entry. That means debits did not equal credits. Without seeing more detail, I cannot tell which transaction it was. It might even have been that you neglected to specify the individual asset within the Fixed Assets account. Unless it knows that, Manager can’t finish allocating the transaction to the right subaccount.

OK herin lies my problem, "You should Spend Money from the company bank account, allocating the payment to Expense claims”

I can’t seem to find Expense claims, when I spend money from the bank account it wants an account to allocate the money to.

apologies Tut, it is amazing what you see when you open your eyes!
I found th expense claim account.
Everything works fine now

Just when you think you are out of the woods,
I am having difficulty resolving GST with fixed assets and expense claims:

  1. In expense claims if I input amounts with GST included and select GST in the tax column then the right amount shows in fixed assets (GST exclusive), however in the GST liability the tax amounts are show as negatives.
    I have tried a number of combinations but can’t seem to get the right amounts allocated to GST payable and the expenses claimed.
    any thoughts?

But of course that should be right as I have already paid the GST

That’s how it should be. Negative tax liability means you will be getting GST refund.