Urgent help needed! desperately

HI ALL!!! I need someone to customise the invoice template for my company. As I am a newbie i don’t understand the liquid language which is like greek and latin, i tried though. So plz anyone out there who can afford few minutes of time just to customise simple modification in the existing invoice template. Here I am sharing the invoice model we use to issue for our clients in excel kindly check and help. We are desperate in getting this done. Any kind of help is highly appreciated



Please find these guidelines it will help to achieve the required format



Soliciting work violates the rules of the forum. See https://forum.manager.io/faq. You are responsible for development of your own custom themes. If you do not have the skills, hire a local programmer.

You are under estimating the work involved in your requirements by at least an order of magnitude. I very much doubt anyone could achieve what you are describing in a few minutes. Even more so if an allowance is included to determine what you are actually willing to pay for and acceptance / sign off of the deliverable.

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