Updating manager in linux

I’m just putting the feelers out there for any users who have an automated update procedure for manager under linux.

I’ve noticed a few people did some work and made some scripts but most of them are old and relied on old data that’s no longer present (like the current app version that I still have bookmarked! might be time to get rid of that!).

A workflow would obviously be something along the lines:

  • pull the latest version number
  • make a backup of the current database
  • download the new version
  • kill the current process
  • extract (usually in place, but could be a new location)
  • restart the process

I currently do all this manually. If anyone has written a bash script for it and would like to share, that would be appreciated.

(Now, I just have to remember the password to my server. That’s the only problem with SSH keys, the lack of typing a password makes it easier to forget, and I have forgotten lol) :frowning:

I use docker in my server and created an updated script.