Update date in dulpicated invoices

When duplicating an (sales/purchase) invoice the transaction date is not updated in that proces.
I would like to suggest that transaction the date is updated to the current date.

the date is retained on purpose to make an exact clone. only reference is not retained because it is unique for each transaction.

Read more about clones here: https://www.manager.io/guides/24890.

The reason dates are not changed is because users rely on clones for so many purposes. The goal is to give them an exact duplicate, so they know what must be changed—the date in your example. But depending on the transaction type being cloned, the information to be edited might be the customer, a quantity, or something else. And preparation of the cloned transaction might not be taking place in a timely fashion. So today’s date might not be the correct one to enter.

The updating of reference numbers is to support users whose local laws require sequential numbering.