Unnecessary restriction in Payslip Items

NO, it has been about “I am trying to fully implement manager” as they stated.
That is, the entire discussion has been about the processing within Manager the payslips and the SIO purchase invoice and the subsequent “reconciling” of the Manager payslip output with regards to the “compulsory defined contribution plan” with the invoice received from the SIO.

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My immediate reaction would be if the payroll is managed adequately by a payroll package outside Manager, I’d leave it like that and just import the payroll totals into Manager

Payroll software is usually customised to cater for local needs

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You might have a point @Joe91, but it would have been really nice to fully utilize Manager and focus on less software.

Guys, I would settle for the ability to make a deduction from an expense account, no need for all restriction removal. Note that I just want to be able to enter the SIO invoice as a purchase invoice credited to SIO account.

I would point out that the SIO invoice is really two quite different things dressed up as a “Purchase invoice”.

A purchase invoice implies the purchase of a good or service and this only applies to the fees and actuary adjustments (whatever they are) - the rest is a statement of your liability for social insurance deductions and contributions which was created when you run your payroll.