Employer "earned" payslip deduction items

Currently the “Payslip Deductions Items” is structurally limited to Balance Sheet Liability accounts as there is a presumption that payslip deduction items can only relate to external 3rd party transactions, however, there are situations that exist where the payslip deduction item is an internal transaction - employer to employee - and therefore require a direct P&L account allocation.

Some examples are:

  1. An employer who charges rent for business owned accommodation
  2. An employer who charges private usage for business owned vehicles
  3. An employer who is legally required to show gross less deductions v’s truncated netted off entries.
  4. An employer who makes any other formal financial arrangement with their employees, such as performance penalties, and wants it transparently disclosed on the payslip.

Currently, to circumnavigate this structural limitation is for the User to create the “deduction” as a Payslip Earnings Item and enter the amounts as negatives.

Previously, there have been several topics directly related to this limitation but as they were resolved via workaround solutions they never became a “feature request asking for this” where perhaps they should have been.