Unknown Inventory-cost

Recently, I noticed a transaction with no description in Inventory-cost which isn’t making sense to me. The sales I made on the day has already been effected as Inventory-cost and the transaction doesn’t seem relevant. Please help me to track it’s cause. Thanks

The bread crumbs at the top of your screen shot suggest your software is out of date. Update and see if the problem remains.

Beyond that, you will need to provide much more information. You have provided a date and nothing else to go on.

Also, your sequence of invoice numbers looks very strange if all actually occurred on one date.

I am using cloud version 16.12.43

Updated the attachment in previous post. You can see all the dates when the invoices were created, the cost value against each of the invoice. But what is the one without the description and contact info which is appearing in other dates too. What could be the reason of this automatic posting as it is irrelevant to my calculations.

Sequence of invoices will not match as I am using traditional invoicing and set different number for different sales centres.

It would appear in your screenshot that you can’t click edit or view (light grey) for that transaction so that tends to indicate a programme generated transaction.

On the assumption that it would be generated in association with another transaction, why don’t you delete Invoice 1042 and see if that removes it, if not, start deleting the other five Invoices dated Dec 26. (Note: if the invoice have been paid, then that payment needs to be disconnected first by changing the Account - Account Receivables to Account - Suspense on the Receive Money)

If the deletion of an invoice removes the transaction, then does the Invoice have more then one inventory item, if yes, re-create the invoice one inventory item at a time and see which item re-creates the transaction.

If the invoice is for a single item (or the item located from above), then check any other invoices which include that inventory item and do those invoice dates line up with your comment “which is appearing in other dates too”

If yes to the above then there is an issue with that particular Inventory Item. At this stage the assumption is that it’s a local problem as other cloud users are reporting the issue.

PS: do printouts of the five invoices before you start any deleting

Hi Brucanna.

As you advised, I deleted all invoices dated 26th but the automatic transaction is still there. Therefore it is very clear that the transaction isn’t relevant to my postings anyway. What should I do next sir?

@lubos need you assistance please. Need to report yearly closing. Please help. Thanks.

One last suggestion - go to the Summary tab - Set Period and change both the From and Until dates to Dec 26. The Summary tab now should only show transactions dated Dec 26 - I am assuming that the deleted invoices are still deleted.

Do you use Production Orders and are there any dated Dec 26 ?

With accounting being double entry, I am assuming that this automatic transaction has a balancing posting but to which account ?

Possibly (?) Inventory On Hand, but then which Inventory Item, if any, or Suspense (?).

Outside this, your call out to @lubos is required, as he may need to review your data file.
Still puzzled as to why other Cloud Edition users aren’t reporting this issue.

PS: maybe you can make note of any other dates that this maybe occurring.

As advised, I set 26th as from and to date. The automatic transaction is still there despite no invoices.

No production order on 26th.

Isn’t relevant to any of my postings.

It is related to the inventory item which is record everyday. I never faced such issue earlier, at least in other dates.

Ok as a next step can you create the Report - General Ledger Transactions for Dec 26th - and screenshot the transaction

Can you explain this comment further ?
Which Inventory Item
How is it related
Why is it recorded evertday
How is it recorded everyday

Hi sir,
I just noticed the cause of the automated cost which were automatically posted as I created invoice for inventory which had a nil balance. Could you please advise why a zero balance inventory auto produces costs against the pre-sold inventory before its physical arrival? Thanks.

I can’t answer that question as I am only a fellow user, not the developer / programmer.
I have just tested selling various nil balance inventory items and I don’t get any automated cost entries,
So you must have a particular set of conditions which are causing it, therefore

  1. Is this occurring with all nil balance inventory items or only particular items ?
  2. On the items that generated the automatic cost post, were they purchased in or via Production Order ?

If we can isolate particular conditions, then we can look at possible solutions.

Thank you for your prompt reply sir.

It is occurring if the inventory is sold before its purchases for all items.

These are all purchase items. No productions.

Can you post a screenshot of the transaction listing for an inventory item which has caused the automatic cost post. By this I mean, on the Inventory Items tab click on the blue Total Cost figure (0.00), this will show the transactions list.

Are these new Inventory items or have they been in and out previously ?

If you have a Sales Invoice which includes three nil balance items, do you get three automatic cost postings ?

After doing the Sales Invoice, do the Inventory Items show with Back Orders listed against them ?

What manager edition are you on ?

Updated attachment accordingly. Hope above gives you the clear concept on what is going on.

New inventory


Yes it did, before creating the purchase invoice.

Latest, Manager 16.12.48

Not sure where your screenshot comes from, but it doesn’t appear to be an Inventory Item as it should have column headings like the second screenshot below. Start with the Inventory Items tab - first screenshot - and then click on the blue Total Cost figure for the Inventory Item which is causing the automatic cost post to get the second screenshot - this is the one to post.

If they are new Inventory, can you post a screenshot of the edit screen for a new inventory item which is causing the automatic cost post - like below

Just to recap a bit - when we did the deletion of the Sales Invoices, did those deleted Sales Invoices included one of these nil balance new Inventory Items - if not, then we need to delete the Sales Invoice which created the Back Order, that Sales Invoice won’t show up in the account Inventory - Cost until after the Inventory Item has been purchased.

Hopefully, deleting the back order might delete the automatic cost post.