Unit Name drop-down list IDEA

@lubos it would be better if the Unit Name for inventory and non-inventory items are provided as a drop-down list.

when there are many users, they create items with unit name as Numbers, Nos., No. which are all the same but do not look good when selected on documents together.

i would like Manager to remember a unit name set previously so that it shows up as a drop-down list when creating new items. if the unit name is not available, the user can type in a new UOM which would be remembered for selection in the future.


I can see some value in this, as I’ve run into similar problems in the past (even though I’m the only one creating the inventory items!).

Wouldn’t it be easier if the field used the same autocomplete feature as elsewhere in Manager? That would avoid having to create a dropdown list. Since you generally create an inventory item and set its UOM once, you would start typing and up would come any prior entries.

For example, start typing k, and up would come kg, keg, and km.

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@Tut - That is what I had assumed sharpdrivetek meant in his post. The list would not be managed separately, but would instead be based on previously-entered values in that field.

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@ShaneAU understood what i had in mind. there need not be a setting to create the drop-down list. Manager can simply remember an UOM that had been entered before and create a list of them or autocomplete when the user starts typing.

Added to the latest version (18.5.76)

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