Uninvoiced screen obscure mode not working

@lubos, I like to report a bug. If I go to Customers and than click on an uninvoiced amount (because of Billed but not yet invoiced Time) the screen with the details shows a 14 pt instead of 12 pt font size. Besides that the Obscure mode is not working on that page. I’m working with the client version 22.10.31 on macOS 13.0. Opening the window in the browser give the same results.

The layout you see is a newly introduced layout. It first appeared in the batch operations screens and it’s been used in more screens since so I wouldn’t call that a bug.

As far as obscure mode, I can reproduce that it doesn’t work on that particular screen so I am going to put this into bugs and change the topic accordingly.

Thanx for the explanation! Then I want to report that the header of the page doesn’t match the rest of the new style.

Anyway, I find it rather strange to implement a new layout partly, instead of implementing this change all at once.

As a key user of the software I look at the release notes on a regular basis. And because Manager lacks a roadmap for major features I could not have known that this change of layout is happening. So for me, it’s a bug.

The ongoing layout changes have been discussed extensively in the newsletter. If you have not subscribed, you should.

Great advise. I just subscribed to the newsletter. By the way, where can I find the previous newsletter(s) where this has been discussed?

There is no public archive. The newsletters rapidly become obsolete because of the rapid change in the program.

Has the November newsletter been published, I’ve been looking out for it but not seen it. I may have deleted it by accident if it has been released.

Not yet.

@IntoTheMirror should be in time for the latest one then.

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This has been resolved in the latest version (22.11.17)

Thank you for resolving this issue!