Uncleared Credit Card Transactions From Long Ago - How to Fix?

I have some old credit card transactions (i.e. May 2019) that have never cleared the statements. I don’t want to delete the transactions because then it will make my month end financials from May incorrect.

I am trying to credit the expense and debit the liability accounts so the transactions will post to the current period. I tried to prepare a Journal Entry but the system will not let me post to a credit card current liability account.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can get around this in Manager?

Enter a payment, but make the unit price negative. An easy way to do this is to view the original payment transaction and clone it. Edit the clone by reversing the sign and modifying the description to annotate the transaction as a reversal. The cloning will ensure you have exactly the right account and amount.

@Tut Thank you very much! That is a very simple work around, wish I would’ve thought of that. :slight_smile: