Unable to set starting balance for expense claim payers

While I’m here though… is there a particular reason why I cannot provide a starting balance to an Expense Claims liability account …?

First setup your expense claim payer or payers: Set up expense claim payers | Manager

Then you will be able to set up starting balance for each expense claim payer which will make up the balance of expense claims liability account.

Yep. Did that. Still doesn’t appear as being available to provide a starting balance. If I register an employee, then nominate that employee as eligible for Expense claims, the option to designate a starting balance becomes available. Otherwise, no dice. Is there a way to force the Starting Balance screen to acknowledge the existence of the missing Liability account? Which, incidentally, is visible on my balance sheet, but does not permit editing.

OK, I can reproduce this. Moving to bugs category.

OK, to be clear - having set up the Expense Claim Payer, where do I then add the claim information? Using the Edit button doesn’t give me anything except the ability to Update or Delete. No place to add the dollars… am I missing something again?

Hmm, have you checked this guide? Use expense claims | Manager

Yep. Followed it to the letter. Still no joy establishing the starting balance.

@lubos, under Manager’s current version, the Expense claims liability account does not appear under Starting Balances. I do not know if it ever did. Obviously, it would need to allow starting balances for subaccounts. Perhaps the intent was to use pre-start-date expense claims?

@davidmil, for expense claims payers who are capital account members or employees, starting balances for expense claims would be incorporated into those for Capital acccounts or Employee clearing account.

Correct, and has been under Ideas since Apr 2018

Now it is a BUG also

Thank you. I don’t know how I missed that in my search. I remember the discussion. I must have misspelled something in my search.

When I marked this as a bug, I thought this was already implemented and I just broke something. Anyway, it’s finally implemented now.

Lubos, without being critical, this kind of indicates that perhaps the Ideas category is not being periodically reviewed. In this case, the Idea being listed and now is over 2 years.